Networking – LAN / WAN / Wi-Fi / SAN

The lifeline of every organization’s IT infrastructure, services and applications is the network.  An organizations network is the information super highway delivering business critical services. Today more than ever these networks are more complex resulting in new challenges and considerations when planning and deploying these solutions.  Proper configuration and design requires planning, experienced network engineers and understanding of the organization’s usage and growth pattern.  Properly assessing, designing and integrating multi-vendor solutions result in an IT organization’s ability to deliver value to all departments and return on investment.

Why NetMinded?

NetMinded is your partner in IT networking. We provide a comprehensive suite of professional services at all phases of a network deployment project. We are experts in deploying LAN, WAN, SAN and Wi-Fi solutions to organizations of all size. We only provide products from best in class manufactures for your networking projects.

  • Engineering support for consultation, design, planning, implementation and support
  • System architect team specialized in networking, storage, virtualization, security and enterprise applications.
  • Training schedule for internal staff to stay up to date with the latest network technology
  • Expertise in providing detailed network design diagrams and documentation

Our Approach

  • Every project we undertake starts with a professional assessment
  • Design and documentation of network architecture based on industry best practices
  • Discuss with the client, multiple vendor options of technologies that meet specific requirements
  • Present proposed architecture and diagrams to customer of single or multiple vendors
  • Create custom statement of work and plan for deployment
  • Configure, install and test devices
  • Provide detailed documentation of installed solution
  • Provide onsite support as needed for migration